I have never really considered myself a playwright but as an Artistic director I have created and devised many shows and scripts some of which can be regarded as writing – as follows:

THE SUZIE JOHNSON TRILOGY is a tryptych of musical revues following the life and time of Suzie Johnson who was a teenager in the 50’s (SHOO-BOP, SHOO BOP!) and comes of age in the 60’s (GOOD VIBRATIONS) get’s married and divorced in the 70’s (STAYING ALIVE). The revue/mini musical uses covers from each era to tell the story of Suzy Johnson. It is the tale of the corruption of innocence, the silent generation, the turmoil of the 70’s told in a humorous style with music from each decade. The Tryptych is performed cast of 5 (Suzie and the 4 men) and can be performed with a 5 piece band or high quality backing trax.

AIR GUITAR is the tale of a middle aged man in search of purpose to deal with his mid-life crisis. He finds his purpose in ‘air’ guitar. He learns the techniques and enters competitions ending finally in the World Championship in Finland. He is taught the ‘licks’ by two guitarists who befriend him and assist hi on his journey. The cast is 5.(The man and 4 musicians)

CANTINA TEQUILA & 4 GUYS NAMED JOSE are musical revues that tell the tale of a Mexican family who travel to South Africa to shoot a film as the pesos is stronger than the rand. An hysterically Hispanic musical revue. Cast 5 (3 Men, 2 Women)

JAMAICAN JAM is a musical revue that celebrates the influence of Jamaican music and tells the tale of two South African Rastas who go on a pilgrimage to Jamaica to visit the grave of Bob Marley. Cast 5 (4 men, 1 woman) Backing tracks available.

JIMBO is a South African musical which tells the tale of the gangs who ran the Indian Market in Durban, South Africa. Written by Hamish Kyd and myself with music composed by Siva Devar.

TAXI JAM is a township musical set during the height of apartheid which tells the tale of a young runaway that builds a life for himself. Written by myself and the Kwasa interns with music composed by Tiki Nxumalo and myself.

PRINCESS MAGOGO KA DINUZULU is the first opera created in the Zulu language composed by Mzilikazi Khumalo from a libretto by Themba Msimang adapted for the opera stage by myself.

ZIYANKOMO is a Zulu opera composed by Phelelani Mnomiya from a libretto created by Themba Msimang and adpted for the opera stage by myself.

THE AFRICAN PASSION is a ‘gospel’ opera/musical telling the story of the Passion of the Christ in an African style. Composed by Phelelani Mnomiya, Antony Govender and the Young Mbazo from a libretto written by myself.

THE GUITAR THAT ROCKED THE WORLD a musical that tells the story of the legendary Fender Stratocaster.

DE COMPLEAT HSTRY OF DBN (without the boring bits!) is a play with music about the history of Durban. Done in the style and based on the works of the Reduced Shakespeare Company.


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