Overexposed a Triumph for Durban Performance

img_4374On the 28 January I was one of the excited throngs who attended the latest David Gouldie madcap adventure in a self-made venue in Durban’s Rivertown precinct called “Overexposed”. What a triumph for Durban. For me, the standard of excellence was spread throughout the piece. From the setting, to the audio-visual input from Kobus van Heerden, and the spectacular lighting designed by Mike Broderick to the music, some ‘live’ some canned, from Karen van Pletsen, from Veranda Panda, from Belinda Henwood, to the slam poetry from Ewok, the cameo appearances of Ben Voss (Beauty Ramaphelepele) and Adam Dore (the silent detective) and the myriads of dancers (some from the cabaret/corporate circuit, some freelance and the members of the Flatfoot Dance Company) this collaboration is a credit to Durban’s talent. For me this tribute to Durban’s homegrown performance talent was inspirational and worthy of the praise expressed by the audiences that enjoyed it.  It was sold out! What a pity that bigger organisations like the Playhouse never achieve these standards with local talent. The seem to remain obessed by the notion that Durban does not have the necessary talent to populate its many programmes and productions.

David Gouldie has developed a reputation for amazing performance arts events. From his early work with the Durban Designer Collection and the Red Eye events of old, it seemed natural that he would come up with this great fun work. Well done David and well done the cast and crew who I believe collaborated with David for little or no money just to be able to bring such an amazing event to Durban.

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